This is our proprietary exercise system designed for the fastest weight loss, muscle hardening and body conditioning. These small group functional fitness classes are done in a high intensity circuit training format. Classes are ever evolving to prevent plateaus utilizing TRX, weights, slides, resistance bands, body weight exercise, core training, boxing and more. Due to the full body format and level of intensity these classes are calorie burners and illicit continued elevated calorie burnings over baseline for the rest of the day resulting in greater weight loss. These classes vary and evolve constantly, no 2 classes are exactly alike. This variation gives the best results by challenging the body in new ways and by preventing plateaus which can occur from sameness of exercise routine. Class can be adapted for beginners or relative newbies. We limit class size to 6 participants. If new to exercise it is advisable to consult your physician before embarking on a new fitness regimen. 


Please note the group package price reflects a $3 parking allowance discount per class.

We recommend parking on street. Wlicox is generally best with some meters available on our block. Wilcox just north of Hollywood Blvd. is best and just a one block walk (warm-up).  1 hour parking is $2. At Wilcox and Yucca parking is free and often available at our class times. Lots in the area won't do 1 hour rates. Thank you.

We are sorry, group classes are not currently being offered.