Likely you have heard the phrase "you are what you eat". Well on the simplest level this is true, being the best you can be requires considerably more thought. Whether you want to put on muscle mass, lose fat, be a better athlete or just feel better, your diet is just as important if not more than your exercise program.

In fact here at Ultimate Health we value a healthy lifestyle so much that our diet and nutrition programs are included in all our exercise package plans.

The Secret to Our Success

The principle flaw, the reason most reducing programs don't work have to stay on them for them to be effective. That's it. If you're feeling deprived who's going to know if you cheat? Break it once and the second time is that much easier. At some point it will feel pointless even impossible.

You wouldn't try to squeeze a round ball into a square hole and expect a perfect fit would you? Neither would we. At Ultimate Health we don't try to squeeze you into some ready made plan or try to sell you some over priced nasty prepackaged food. All of our plans are specifically designed for our individual clients based upon your body type, goals, weight amount to be lost, nutritional needs, health, activity level and lifestyle. All are based on you eating real food.

The idea is to make your plan effective while feeling natural and easy to stay on. *

Healthy dinner of fish and vegetables - Ultimate Health Personal Training - Los Angeles Diet and Nutrition Plans

The Ultimate Health Way

Lets start by saying there is no magic pill to lose fat, if there was Oprah would have told you about it on her show. We start with a health history, diet history, diet analysis, body fat test, and measurements. The body fat test will keep you honest when you feel like lying to me, and you will. Remember, I trust my eyes, my handy tape measure and my body fat computer more. -:)

Once we know what you like to eat, and what's right and what's wrong we can begin. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or a meat eater, we will improve your nutritional status with the aim of fat reduction. We consider your daily schedule, your affinity or aversion to structure, even your mood. Why you eat is just as important as what you eat. At this point you will be placed on a multi-phase diet designed for you. Some will require a stricter phase 1 start for others a phase 2 or 3 would be a better fit. By the time you finish the last 2 phases you will know exactly what food quantity is required for reduction and maintenance. *

Whether it's slow and steady or a date specific goal let us create a custom plan for you.

Nutritional supplements may be recommended. Since we sell no such items our opinions can remain unbiased. 

For those not ready to fully commit here are a few helpful tips:

Focus on the motivation.  Set realistic short term and long term goals to start with (less is more here). A new outfit or a vacation are excellent motivators. Planning a free meal as in (non-diet meal) once a week is important to keep from feeling deprived and keeping a food journal is still one of the most effective tools for any diet. If you can't write it down now, use your cell phone and take a photo of it. Journal it when you can. After eating brush your teeth, it will likely keep you from indulging more.  And of course, It also wouldn't hurt to have someone follow your progress. Feel free to review our Healthy tips page and blog for more great ideas.