Street and Combat Martial Arts Training

Many martial arts can teach you how to fight on a mat, but few teach you the street effective and close quarter combat skills that can keep you alive. On the street or battlefield, there are no rules!

All of us at one time or another has felt unsafe or insecure. Whether you have been approached, assaulted or just watch the local news, it's easy to understand why. Our mission is not to create the next heavy weight champ, it's to take everyday people and give them the knowledge, the skills and the confidence to TAKE CONTROL, to feel more secure, and in short to be a HARD TARGET.  

Skill sets are only 1 part of the equation, we also focus on Awareness, Prevention, and Avoidance because the truest form of self-defense is...VICTORY WITHOUT COMBAT!

Survival at all costs

Ketsugo-Te was invented by  ex-special forces Sergeant and Marine MP instructor  William Meyers. Ketsugo-te means combination hand. This eclectic fighting system utilizes only the street practical techniques from various martial arts such as Jujitsu, Karate, Muay Thai, and Wing Chun.

At U.H. our instruction protocols are designed for fast development of functional self-defense skills that are intuitive in even the most stressful and fluid environments. To that end, our training is aggressive with real world scenarios.  Because our training is private  and our system is fluid, we can adapt it to you, your present condition level, your abilities, your disabilities, and your strengths.  

Our Chief Instructor John Diaz is a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Ketsugo-Te and has also trained in Kempo, Boxing, Kick-Boxing (having trained over 1000 men and women) and Brazilian Jujitsu under Rickson Gracie. John has trained professional fighters, police personnel, Navy Seals, Marines, teachers, nurses, mom's and pop's; all with one goal in mind, to make them a HARD TARGET.

Defensive counters against - grabs, holds, take downs, punches, kicks, chokes, and weapons, etc.

Offensive techniques - throws, joints locks, chokes, strikes, kicks, nerve attacks, knife and stick fighting, etc.

Prevention techniques - 5 states of mind, 5 stages of an assault, minds eye, designed to develop awareness, avoidance and the warrior spirit.  

We are available for: Private and duo lessons. Anti-Assault - Hard Target seminars. Duo lessons only $10 extra per session. Please call for seminar rates.

A Personal Note From John Diaz

I received a call from a client of mine thanking me for training her. She told me that over the weekend a guy she was dating took her to a house party at a friends. While she was in the kitchen the host cornered her and tried to force himself on her. At first she thought she would be safe because her date was with her, but when she saw him laughing she realized she needed to get out.

As she got out the front door the host grabbed her by the hair and began to grope her. That's when she said "IT" took over, not her conscious self, but another part of her subconscious mind. Seconds later she realized her attacker cowering in the fetal position begging her not to hurt him anymore. Her training had paid off.

This story warms my heart, not because I'm a violent person, but because I know I made a difference.