Buddy Fitness Training

In life we all know there are no guarantees, well maybe except death and taxes. Another cultural likelihood is that something will happen in your life that will make you want to take better care of yourself. Maybe a health scare to you or a loved one, not liking the way you looked in the mirror this morning (okay, every morning) or finally realizing getting winded by a single flight of stairs isn’t normal. For some this could be a fleeting moment, for others something they experience once or twice and for still others a lifelong ritual. Whatever the reason while we have our own best interest in mind we just have to act on it and make it work.


We have all heard the saying the first step is the hardest, while that’s true, the second, third and fourth steps of keeping it going are the next hardest and those steps are many. You know how it goes you’ve been going to the gym for two weeks now, just getting beyond the soreness and then… life gets in the way.  Another truth in human nature is that once you break a cycle that isn’t a habit it’s darn difficult to go back to it. We’re a very capable species of rationalizing our way out of things. So, what is one to do? How about using human nature to our advantage? The like minded gain strength from each other like when you’re suffering it always feels better to have someone else suffering with you. (You know it’s true) Or when you have a great idea and your partner totally backs you and your energy feeds off each other. So, why not inspire, convince or guilt a friend or two or three to follow you on your quest for better fitness and health.

Fitness training with friends has a higher rate of success for a few reasons. For one you can help keep each other honest and inspire one another. Two the social engagement is alluring and three the increased stimulation of the reward system of the brain from lavishing praise on one another is quite powerful.  Another positive is that the cost of sharing say, a personal trainer, is much less per person than doing solo exercise sessions. This might mean multiple sessions become more affordable.  Whether you choose to join an already going group class together or hiring a trainer and doing your own little group the benefits should be similar. The key is the positive motivational connections.

I don’t believe I have to convince you that healthier eating and exercise are in your best interests, I’m pretty sure you know this already. Just consider that we are living a whole lot longer than ever before and those numbers are going up. Just ask yourself would you rather spend those additional years active and healthy or in a wheel chair, home bound or worse? They’ll be your years, how you want to spend them is up to you. 

Buddy Training in Los Angeles

For those of you in the Los Angeles area of course I would love to be your personal trainer or buddy trainer. While most of my clients come from Hollywood, Studio City and Toluca Lake I also get people from as far away as Culver City and Thousand Oaks.  I’m not suggesting you drive all the way here to me there are many very good trainers out there. What I will suggest is keeping the place you choose within 15 minutes of home or work or on your commute for best success and yes a place that’s in between for you are your friends.

What to Expect

Here at Ultimate Health I limit private exercise groups to no more than 4 or 5 people.  Form and safety and technique are still key along with a great workout for each client in the group. The sessions are designed around the potential of varying fitness levels and goals. The intensity of the workouts continues to increase as you get stronger and no 2 workouts are exactly alike. We always start with a warm-up and end with a full stretch. Nutrition and diet as well as ideas for activities you can do on your own are all included. Where ever you go these are the services you should insist on.

So, are you ready for buddy training in Los Angeles or anywhere else for that matter? Then get on the phone and contact a friend, sister, spouse or work mate and inspire each other because those later years are coming and their quality is up to you.