Five Before Your Feet Hit The Ground

by John Diaz

If you are like most ageing American’s you likely started to notice waking-up stiffer, tighter and maybe even with some back pain. Perhaps this has even been ongoing for a while now. In the last few years I noticed this myself, the likely culprit wear and tear from years of competitive sports. Even mostly sedentary people have back issues only in their case it’s usually from a weak core and poor postural habits.

I decided tackle the issue with what made sense to me. I bought a new office chair with better back support, replaced my easy chair at home and then sprung for a new mattress. These changes alone helped some immediately. Another thing I did was refocus my workouts to really improve my posture. In the long run posture is key. Poor posture can lead to bulging discs, arthritis, and continued structural weakening. I started to feel better fairly quickly, but remember that postural changes don’t remedy disc issues right away they take time to rehydrate and heal, usually 6 months or so. 

During this time I developed a habit of stretching in bed before getting up for the day, before bearing any weight on my feet and I have to say this really helped. Here are five I do that really get me on the right track for the day. These stretches should be light and not forced. Enjoy.

Drawing man stretching - Ultimate Health Personal Training Center - Los Angeles, CA

The Stretch Out

1)      Laying on your back kick your covers off.

2)      Reach arms overhead.

3)      Reach legs in opposite direction.

4)      Take a deep breath as you stretch then exhale.

5)      Hold for a slow count to 20.

Knee to Chest

Man stretching on back - knee to chest - Ultimate Health Personal TrainingCenter

1)      Lie on your back with your legs straight

2)      Slowly bring one knee toward your chest

3)      Clasp hands around knee and pull toward chest

4)      Hold for a count of 20 then return to starting position

5)      Repeat on other side

6)      Slowly bring both knees one at a time to chest

7)      Hold for a count of 20.

Crossed Leg Stretch

Woman doing cross legged stretch - Ultimate Health Personal Training Center - Los Angeles, CA

1)      Lying on your back cross your right leg over your left

2)      Slowly bring both knees toward your chest

3)      Grasp knees and pull toward chest

4)      Pull across body toward left shoulder

5)      Hold for 20 count

6)      Release to starting point

7)      Repeat other side.

Body Rotation

Man rotation stretch - Ultimate Health Personal Training Center - Los Angeles, CA

1)      Sit up on edge of bed, legs hanging

2)      Be sure to sit up straight

3)      Bring Left wrist against outside of right knee

4)      Twist to the right using left arm to pull body around

5)      Stretch through torso elevating chest

6)      Hold for 20 count then repeat other side.

Side Stretch

Man side stretch - Ultimate Health Personal Training Center - Los Angeles, CA

1)      Sit on edge of bed with legs hanging

2)      Reach left arm overhead and across toward

Right shoulder.

3)      Reach right hand toward the right along the

top of the bed.

4)      Lean toward your right using right hand to keep

 from falling.

5)      Lean slightly forward for added stretch

6)      Hold for a count of 20

7)      Repeat other side.