How To Pick A Personal Trainer

Have you been considering getting yourself a personal trainer? Trying to shake-up your workouts a bit? Well, being a personal trainer in the Los Angeles area of course I’m going to say this is a great idea. Every day people come to me because they want to give a jolt to their results or maybe want to try something new. Not every situation requires private sessions though, sometimes a group style class will get you the workout you want, maybe make some new friends and the price is generally more affordable.

For those who want or need the private attention however, finding the right trainer can be like finding a new dentist or auto mechanic.  There are great trainers, there are good trainers and then there are bad trainers.  Consider also that even a good trainer just might not be the right trainer for you.

Male Trainer helping female client - Personal Trainer Studio City

Trainers come in many varieties. Some are your body building types others are more your mind/body Pilates types and still others are your functional athletic kind. Some are trainers by choice, others are ex-athletes who fell into it and some are buying time while waiting for their big Hollywood break. Okay, maybe more common in Los Angeles, but you get the idea. Some of us live and breathe health and fitness and others well, not so much.

Where to Start

Getting a referral from a satisfied friend is always a great beginning, but don’t be afraid to do a Google search say “personal Trainer Studio City” obviously entering your preferred city. Read their website, do they sound thorough, knowledgeable, can they complete full sentences…kidding, sort of. Next check their Yelp reviews especially look at the worst ones and see if there is a pattern.  If they don’t list their exercise philosophy ask them for it. The last thing you want is a trainer who tries to force you into his bodybuilding regiment when what you wanted is to reduce and tone. And no pain/no gain is so last century.  You want a trainer who lets your body dictate the pace.

Ideally you want a trainer with at least 2-3 years of experience, as with most things we get better with experience and continued education. Trainers working for health clubs tend to be more novice. Look for someone who has their own personal training facility or at least trains out of one. They are likely more established than say someone who trains at the local park. Don’t be afraid to ask for a free trial session most trainers will do this for you and it’s the best way to see if your personalities fit and you like their style.  Remember you will spend time with this person at least 2-3 times a week.

Consider doing buddy training, having a friend share sessions with you still yields great results just pick someone who is at least as motivated as you. Also, convenience is super important so pick a location that is within 15 minutes from home or work or on your normal route.

Getting Started

So, you did the research and found someone to try now you just have to go for it. Pick up the phone and call or contact them through their website. Remember at the end of the day you are in control. If you still aren’t sure after your session or they’re not right for you, you are not obligated to sign up for sessions just because they gave you a free one.  And if they are right for you then you might just have started a great new relationship, one that might just make you your best you.