Reignite Your Results

Not losing like you used to, strength and size gains hard in coming, there could be a good reason why. Lets talk about getting past plateaus. 

Maximizing your exercise results can be accomplished by understanding and utilizing a process known as adaptive response. Simply put, whether you are toning, building-up, or losing your physiology will respond to the demands placed upon it. This can be a double edged sword however, once your body becomes capable of completing an exercise or series of exercises it no longer needs to maintain the same level of adaptation. What once gave you great results no longer seems to do more than maintenance.

Young woman in kick boxing pose with boxing gloves on. Ultimate Health Personal Training Center - Hollywood

If you have been on the exact workout routine for more than a few weeks your results have stagnated. For instance, let’s say that for the last year you have been walking 3 miles, 3 times a week essentially keeping the same pace and the same course. Even though the effort is still good for your heart, you are now burning fewer calories to do the same walk and your cardio fitness has already peaked. You won’t get in worse shape, you just won’t continue to get better.

To maximize adaptive response training protocols must continue to evolve. If weight training is your thing, try alternating machines with free weights, instead of flat bench try inclines, switch rep cycles, burn-outs vs super slows,  the more variety the more muscle. Incorporate full body movements like dumbbell clean-n-jerks and medicine ball lunges to effect recruitment of as many muscle groups as possible. The more muscle used the more fat you burn. Try different disciplines such as kickboxing, functional training, and Pilates. Add some hills to your walk or if you’re in good health and shape already, add a sprint training routine, you’ll be ripped in no time. So, what's left, getting started and letting the results speak for themselves.

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