No two people's bodies are exactly the same, so why should your workout be? Drawing from our therapeutic exercise experience we have developed some of the most comprehensive and broad spectrum fitness workout programs catering to specific needs and tastes. Specializing in weight loss and total body conditioning utilizing our multi-phase Ultimate Health Diet and our FASST-R exercise system (functional activity speed and strength trained resistance). *

Our system minimizes plateaus utilizing weights, kickboxing, resistance bands, body weight exercises, Pilates, suspension and micro burst training in an ever evolving high intensity format.

If you have been doing the same exact workout for more than a few weeks, then your results are already stagnating. Give us a try and we'll get you back on track fast. Our system is tailored to you, your needs and abilities.  Nutritional guidance is included free of charge with all of our exercise programs. *


Whether you want to improve fitness, reduce, tone-up, build-up, rehab a sports injury, stop chronic pain, shape-up for a wedding or need postpartum reconditioning our personal trainers have the right exercise program for you. Scheduled appointments and one-on-one attention are always the rule. We have the expertise you want and the experience you deserve. *

We offer 1/2 hr and 1 hr workout sessions. Lockers and towels are provided for your convenience. Free parking in our adjacent lot.