FASST-r for faster exercise results

by John Diaz

A common question I seem to get from new clients or interested parties is something like what kind of exercise should I be doing or I do Pilates or yoga, is that enough? Well to best answer those questions I thought I would post an article I had written elsewhere last January. At worst you will gain insight into my exercise philosophy, and at best if you are looking for a Los Angeles personal trainer you'll learn what to expect if and when you come in to see me. Considering that we are just out of the summer slump and that friend and family reunions during the holidays are on the horizon, exercise enthusiasm tends to spur up at this time of year. Consider it a mini new year of sorts.

Once again, a new year, a new resolution, and a new routine. Suffer it for a month or two and soon it will be second nature just like combing your hair or brushing your teeth. Do the same thing 21 times (or something like that) and it becomes habit. That's good right?

Well, where as routine might be good for your hygiene (and we thank you for it) it may not be so good for your fitness. Sameness is actually the enemy here, do something enough times and it becomes easier. The problem with easier is that it leads to stagnation. Through a process of adaptation the body becomes more efficient when performing tasks. This efficiency means fewer calories are burnt and less musculoskeletal stimulation occurs. The road to your goals will be riddled with potholes of plateaus.

FASST-R Training at Ultimate Health Personal Trainer Hollywood, CA

Recent studies show that an untrained individual (no exercise for 1 year) begins to show stagnated results in as little as 4 weeks after commencing a program. A trained individual in as little as two. Now, doing something is always better than doing nothing, you'll be able to achieve and maintain at least a minimum level of fitness, but is that really the best use of your time. I for one don't settle for the minimum.

It is with this in mind that I developed FASST-R (Functional Activity Speed and Strength Trained Resistance). Rather than being an exercise system per say (does not rely on any one apparatus) it is conceptual. Borrowing and expanding on the best techniques from various protocols such as kickboxing, Pilates, suspension training, weights, plyometrics, resistance bands, ropes, sprinting and some proprietary equipment, etc. No two workouts are the same, therefore, the challenge continues. A greater challenge means greater results.

Even better, because of it's free flowing nature we can tailor FASST-R to anyone and anyone's goals. No two people are alike, so why should your workout be. Whether you want to be faster, stronger, leaner, more toned, bigger muscled or just healthier, FASST-R will get you there well, faster.

So, go ahead and skip the routine this year. You'll be glad you did.