More Than Skin Deep

Whether you workout on your own, take group classes or have a personal trainer you likely have started to notice the benefits of an ongoing exercise program.  You now may look leaner, feel stronger and have more energy than before. While many of us generally start an exercise program to look better by losing some weight, toning up or adding some muscle the benefits of your efforts actually go much deeper.

You probably know that on a physical level exercise can make your heart and overall cardiovascular system healthier by lowering blood pressure and heart rate while improving cholesterol profiles. Add to this the fact that exercise reduces stress. Your new found toned muscle also improves venous return (rate at which blood returns to the heart) thus increasing circulation. The benefits continue with increased bone density, stronger connective tissue, improved posture, etc.

Woman holding weights. Ultimate Health Personal Training Center - Los Angeles meme

Now let’s delve a little deeper. Exercise can help lessen the risk of contracting colorectal cancer, prevent type 2 diabetes and stimulate a healthier hormonal cascade. One of the most profound effects takes place in the brain. Exercise immediately stimulates the frontal cortex (executive area), the memory centers and mood center of the brain. Moderate to vigorous exercise has exhibited the ability to lessen depression, improve sleep and even possibly delay the onset of Alzheimer’s. Clearly if exercise could be bottled it would be the most potent health elixir ever.

So, next time your friends ask you why you pay for a personal trainer tell them it’s not just what’s on the outside because beauty is more than skin deep.